Australian Executive Cabinet, 2019

The Australian Executive Cabinet takes you to the beginning of the National bush fires as they erupt across the country. What is a common issue now looks as though it could be erupting into a larger environmental disaster. This issue has already placed Australia on the national stage with countries on the line awaiting the Cabinets response. The solutions made will set the nation as an example or could force others to intervene. The Australian Cabinet will be tasked with responding to these issues and either preventing anything before it gets worse or watching the nation unfold into peril. This committee combines crisis elements with the traditions of a General Assembly to provide for an intense and action packed weekend.

Chair: Julia Nicolls

Julia Nicolls is a Junior at Seton Hall University studying Diplomacy and Economics, with a minor in Graphic Design. She is from Portland, Oregon, so you will frequently find her dubing the west coast as the best coast. Julia is a seasoned member of SHUNA and takes every environmentally-focused General Assembly committee she can when traveling. At Seton Hall, she has committed a majority of her time to sustainability, founding its Environmental Protection and Conservation Commission and improving the school through her position as Student Body President. You can frequently find her hiking, obsessing over The Bachelor Franchise, or cheering on the Portland Trail Blazers. Feel free to email her at with any questions regarding the committee!

Vice Chair: Meg Kundula

Meg is a sophomore majoring in Diplomacy and International Relations with minors in Psychology and Economics. Her Model United Nations career began with SHUNA and SHUMUN, Seton Hall’s competitive MUN team and high school conference, her freshman year but was unfortunately cut short. She is excited to work alongside her closest friends again and organize a collegiate conference! Meg is a Californian born and in her free time you can catch her on the beach, going to concerts or cooking. She cannot wait to meet all of the delegates and make HallMUN an amazing conference!

Vice Chair: Maëlle Quartetti

Maëlle is a sophomore majoring in Diplomacy and International Relations with a minor in Modern Languages, concentrating in Arabic and Spanish. She is from Chicago, Illinois and when she’s away from the circuit, Maëlle is running or playing the guitar. Maëlle began her Model United Nations career with SHUNA, Seton Hall’s competitive MUN team. She’s traveled around the East Coast and is so excited to bring a collegiate conference to South Orange!