International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA)

Note: position papers are NOT required

Topic 1: Nuclear Power in the 21st Century

In the 21st Century, nuclear power has the potential to shape and define a century like nuclear weapons did in the 20th Century. Currently only 30 nations in the world have access to nuclear power, but there are so many upsides and potential uses for nuclear power that are not being explored on a global basis. This topic will ask, should nations that do not have access to nuclear energy currently be afforded access and assistance to start up nuclear power programs? Due to the environmental, scientific, and economic benefits that nuclear power brings to an economy, is nuclear power something the IAEA should promote internationally? Delegates will discuss the role that the IAEA should have in promoting nuclear power and if the benefits are worth the risk that nuclear power poses.

Topic 2: Uneven Authority:

The past leader of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, expressed frustration about the agency as it existed with “uneven authority.” This means that even though the IAEA is tasked with working with difficult and important policies such as non-proliferation, it has little to no actual enforcement mechanisms. Nations such as Israel, North Korea, India, and Pakistan are not signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty meaning they regularly refuse IAEA inspectors the right to enter their nations. This makes the task of enforcement extremely difficult. Delegates discussing this topic will debate recommending repercussions to the United Nations that punish nations not adhering to the NPT or IAEA inspections. Though this is an important issue to the IAEA, it is also an important issue to the United Nations so the conversation could be much broader than just the IAEA in 2020.

Co-Chair: Peter Eggerding

Peter is a junior in the Diplomacy School at Seton Hall with a secondary major in philosophy and minors in economics and Eastern European studies. He has been competing in Model U.N. for the last 7 years through high school and SHUNA. His favorite committee in high school was the IAEA and he is excited for some spirited debates about nuclear energy and weapons. Peter is from the suburbs of Chicago and swears by deep dish pizza. In his free time, Peter enjoys drinking absurd amounts of coffee, watching Marvel movies (Dr. Strange is his favorite Avenger), as well as discussing current events with other Diplomacy students. He is excited to Chair the IAEA committee at HallMUN and cannot wait to see diplomacy and collaboration at work. Feel free to email him at with any questions regarding the committee!

Co-Chair: Chrissie Mones

Chrissie is a sophomore studying International Relations and Diplomacy at Seton Hall with a minor in Spanish. Chrissie has been involved with Model UN since her freshman year of high school. Chrissie is from northern New Jersey (Central Jersey does not exist) and enjoys hiking, skiing, baking, and cooking in her free time. Chrissie also has two German Shorthaired Pointers that often join her on outdoor endeavors. She has been fascinated with advancements in nuclear energy, yet disappointed with its lack of integration and application in the modern world. Chrissie is thrilled to be Co-Chairing IAEA this fall and to see the solutions delegates come to. Feel free to email her at with any questions regarding the committee!