Less Money, More Problems: The Cabinet of Alexis Tsipras, 2015

It’s January 2015, and the Greek economy is in tatters. The effects of the 2007 financial crisis coupled with Greece’s own unique financial shortcomings have wreaked havoc on Greece’s already fragile economic standing. The far left Syriza party, whose chairman Alexis Tsipras was just elected Prime Minster, seeks to upend Greece’s position by standing up to EU-imposed austerity measures. Will they be able to forge their own path, or will Greece’s reliance on the EU’s financial resources curb these nascent political aspirations?

Chair: Kaitlyn Akroush

Kaitlyn Akroush is a sophomore at Seton Hall. She is a double major in Diplomacy/International Relations and Philosophy, and a member of the Honors Program, the Seton Hall United Nations Association, the Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and Turning Point USA. Originally, Kaitlyn is from New York, but currently lives in Paramus, New Jersey. Being of Middle Eastern descent, she is interested in the Mediterranean culture and history, and is even more excited to chair a committee about one of her interests, The Cabinet of Alexis Tsipras. She is looking forward to meeting the delegates, and having a wonderful committee. Feel free to email her at kaitlyn.akroush@student.shu.edu with any questions regarding the committee! Go Pirates!

Crisis Director: Devin Smith

Devin Smith is a fifth year senior who has probably been doing Model UN longer than you have. Devin is a Diplomacy and International Relations major minoring in Middle Eastern studies, and has been greatly interested in Greek politics since Syriza’s rise to power in 2015. He looks forward to crisis directing what should be a very fun, exciting committee. His thesis, “Foreign Influence and Democracy in Egypt”, was published in the 2020 issue of Political Analysis, the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society’s annual undergrad journal. Devin’s main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Ganon. Feel free to email him at devin.smith1@student.shu.edu with any questions regarding the committee!