The Happiest Place on Earth: Disney Board of Directors

The year is 2018 and Disney are being sued by the US Government for breaking Anti-Trust laws in its attempt to acquire 21st Century Fox. As the top executives in the Walt Disney Company, you are in charge of the restoration of Disney ensuring that the acquisition can move forward. The committee will also handle current events such as international distribution, public opinion, the streaming wars, and countering the economic impacts of crises around the world. The Committee on The Restoration of Disney will be working to protect the legacy of Disney and preserve its place around the world, facing unprecedented challenges along the way.

Chair: Evelyn Tilelli

Evelyn is a freshman in the School of Diplomacy at Seton Hall. She has been involved in Model U.N. since high school and her favorite type of committee is crisis. Evelyn is from north New Jersey and loves to learn foreign languages, listen to music, and drink insane amounts of coffee daily. This is her first time being involved in a board of directors style committee and she is very excited to see what direction the committee will go in as well as what ideas delegates will bring. Feel free to email her at with any questions about the committee.

Crisis Director: Shannon Moran

Shannon is a Junior Diplomacy & International Relations major with minors in environmental science, women and gender studies, and Spanish. Shannon is an active member of SHUNA, the collegiate traveling team, and has competed all over the country. Shannon loves Board of Directors and Politics committees; she also loves challenging herself with new and different topics such as 24-hour committees. Shannon loves traveling, podcasts, debate, and has a very strong coffee addiction. She is so excited to be the Crisis Director for the Disney Board of Directors and can’t wait to see the different approaches delegates take to the topic. Feel free to email her at with any questions regarding the committee!