The Kingfish: Huey Long’s Associates

Step into 1920s Louisiana state politics, headed by the polarizing Governor Huey Pierce Long Jr. Known as the Kingfish, Long rose to power on a wave of popular support. He split with old Democratic policy to forge ahead with a platform of “Every man a king, but no one wears a crown.” In a gathering of state employees, associates, and family, you must decide the future of a Louisiana plagued with trouble, not to mention Long’s antics. Even more tumultuous events lie on the horizon and the committee must decide whether to unite under the demagogue Kingfish, or to turn their backs on his vision.

Chair: MaryBeth Ammari

MaryBeth Ammari is a sophomore in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations and is minoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. Back home in California, she was on the Executive Board for her High School’s MUN team and this, alongside her Grandfather’s career as the Jordanian Ambassador, inspired her to pursue a career with the United Nations. Her campus involvement includes being a Peer Adviser, ARC Tutor, Treasurer of SHUNA, and a part of the Honors Program. Her “American-History-Geek” side is sure to come out during committee so be prepared for complex, yet fun, debate! Feel free to email her at with any questions regarding the committee!

Crisis Director: Casey Stickel

A recent graduate of Seton Hall, Casey has returned to help CD for the first HallMUN ever! She graduated in May 2020 with a double major in Diplomacy & International Relations and Modern Languages as well as minors in History and Economics. During her time at SHU, she was an active participant on the Seton Hall competitive MUN team, SHUNA, serving as one of the Head Delegates her senior year. She also served on the Secretariat of SHUMUN, the school’s high school Model UN conference, as Director General. In her post-grad life she enjoys playing Crusader Kings, embroidering, and weathering the COVID job market. Feel free to email her at with any questions regarding the committee!